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tv   France 24  LINKTV  August 15, 2014 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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their bloody campaign across northern and western iraq. a helping hand to the iraqi army. each country will provide help according to its capabilities
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and national laws. france has already started provide willinging weapons. iraq not only has to tackle security issues beau political challenge. prime minister has elected to step down after eight years in power. they have largely blamed for deepening it. the u.n. and u.s. has hoped that his successor will form a unity government and ease tension. let's bring in our guests who is an international consultant. in a country where the minority seems to have been marginalized. do you think he'll actually be fit for this job? >> well, actually not only is he also shia but also belonging to the same party for if you look at his background has been a minister in the first government of the u.s. after the u.s. had
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an invasion. after that he was an advisor and acted as a spokesperson for the government during the last years. so i wouldn't say that this would command a lot of changes. after that what you can say is that they have been maneuvering quite smartly those last months there has been a speech which became wrath erb unnoticed in which he pronounced allegiance to the two masters of iraq. now a day is which are u.s. and iran. in this speech he asked for an intervention of the u.s. or iran. so basically what you can say that is -- this speech was fitting basically the fans of the two powers because the u.s. wants more leeway to act in iraq
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against obvious lit islamic state and also iran knows that whatever the u.s. will try nowadays against the islamic state it has little chance of succeeding t can after that come in step in and try to expand its regional powers. the move there is a negative view of this all. this do you think his government will actually be able to stop isis fighters or not. >> you know there's been such marginalization of the tribes as you say. it's going to be very difficult to bring them back in the political spectrum and most of them are very attractive by the i.s. propaganda and this is giving them a chance to act and a chance to basically take some weight into the political or
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military spectrum of iraq. so bringing them back into unity government is possible, but again, i would not say that the chances are very high. >> thank you very much for taking the time to talk to us. >> moscow says no russian military vehicles crossed the ukrainian border on thursday night denying earlier reports that ukrainian forces had destroyed them for the russian defense ministry they're fighting phantoms. this comes after they decided to send one to the trouble east to provide weapons to pro western separatists. >> across border tensions toeupb to mount. it says its troops destroyed part of a column of armored vehicles that crept across the border. >> this column was followed our
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recon they i did my the the accusation. they they with the carriers. >> 23 armored carriers. they saw that happening.
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the committee of the red cross is mediating. it comes into ukraine. the one driver, the accompanying person, they stay behind in russia and they are replaced. >> this scale of the ebola outbreak has been vastly under systemed. the world health organization says it could take six months to bring under control from guinea to nigeria, more than a thousand people have already been killed. the true death toll could be
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much higher. more needs to be done to prevent the he tkepl he cannicepidemic from spreading. >> just to give you a very i will say glimpse of what i've seen there is two spots that are affected. there is in the low faculty where we have a center offor ebola and this one we had 137 people in our center of ebola so the response is not enough. in monrovia is the same thing. there's only a few centers who
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are accepting ebola patience and for us we are opening with 120 beds capacity. our biggest fear will be in 1 or 2 days. and so, there needs to be a higher capacity in liberia right now to respond to the number of cases as well as -- because this is one thing to respond to number of cases. but we need to work if we want to tame the epidemic and this is not happening either. >> let's see what else is making the headlines. as long as fighters have kidnapped dozens of boys and men in this nigeria. they dressed as police officers raided a fishing village in the northeast of the country on sunday. they were burned down several houses, loaded the victim on to trucks and drove off. this comes just four months
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after the more than 150 have clashed. they took to the streets after a judge issued an arrest warrant. he's accused of money laundry, corruption and drug trafficking. they tried to prevent any attempts to arrest him. >> pakistan an anti-government march set off yesterday from the eastern city was due to end 300 kilometers away when things turned violent. thousands of people chanted slogans against prime minister slamming last year's election as rigged and calling for new -- as
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protestors continue their way there are 20,000 security forces deployed. >> and independence day 67 years after breaking way from british role. they have used their annual speeches to warn their neighbor. but this time around they decided to address sexual violence unemployment and the economy. speaking without notes and refusing to stand behind bullet proof glass, the indian prime minister struck an optimistic tone. >> poverty needs to be eradicateed from india.
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let us come together to fight poverty. let's give it a try. let's forget the world of violence and enjoy the gift of life. in a notably progressive move he also spoke about his shame as the recent spate of rapes in india. for him a shift in the nation's attitude towards sexual violence is crucial. we asked our sons where they're going. have they asked their sons the same number of questions they've asked their daughters? it would have been cynical by some opponents and social tension for electoral gain. india gains independence on the 15th of august 1947 ending more than 200 years of colonial
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british rule. nearly a week after michael brown was shot dead by a phreut ma'am authorities say he was a key suspect in a robbery that took place just a few minutes before the shooting. he stole a few cigars from a convenience store and unarmed and his death has sparked riots across missouri where the largely african-american population denounced an execution. after much pressure and racial tensions police decided to name the officer responsible for brown's death. >> the officer that with you involved in the shooting of michael brown was darren wilson. he's been a police officer for six years. he has had no disciplinary action taken against him. he was treated for injuries which occurred on saturday. >> well, here in france, 70 years ago, two months after d day operation dry goon was launched. they stormed into southern france and pushed the nazis back
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towards germany and prompted the end of world war ii. they recognized the key role and many from algeria morocco and the pacific islands. >> it was a french army but also a multi-colored 1. it brought together the french who had joined the general after the 18th of june 1940. it brought together the troops by the provisional government in algiers and above all there were the soldiers of the african army. >> and to those of you who have just joined us, here's a reminder of our top stories. tribal and religious leaders in iraq welcomed the resignation of prime minister. a new government will tackle the
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fight against islamic militants. they gave their green light to supply weapons to iraqi kurds. ahead of the self proclaimed region accuses ukraine stalling the arrival of a much-needed convey. and 15 african leaders pay tribute to hundreds of thousands of troops who launched the southern invasion and put an end to world war ii. and it's time for media watch and james is here with me in the studio. we start at the french commemorations of the southern landing that was 70 years ago. >> that take right.
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the defense ministry has been commemorating this all day long by live tweeting as they happened on the mediterranean of france when allied troops including french troops joined the efforts to liberate france. now i'll show you on the computer, we're having a couple little difficulties but i think i should show you the pages in question. the defense ministry has been making a big effort on its web pages and website to bring those events back to life through documentary footage, through images of that period. but also through much more modern techniques such as live tweeting. what you can see here is an attempt to i suppose bring those events back to life. you can see with this tweet here that there's 1 or 2 of the individuals who actually landed in the south of france 70 years
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ago are giving their account of what happened. so go on the defense ministry site to relive the moments on twitter. >> he's speaking in the south of france breaking his holidays to mark ten weeks after d-day. indeed it was d-day and these landings that formed sort of a pincher and liberated france and that was the page i was trying to show you earlier with those d-day tweets. also, he had lunch with the prime minister. so it wasn't just a day for sermon. it was a day to prepare what they call when it's september the beginning of the political year essentially. so he's trying to underscore the fact he hasn't forgotten the problems in internal policy. >> all right. and next let's go to coverage of
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the israel and palestine conflict. >> he's living in israel for the french authorities. they're having a lot of difficulty getting to grips with this because he's in an france. what he's been doing he's been targeting several publications. they did a profile of him in the last week or so which didn't please him. so he has also has been hacking various websites that the profiles -- that don't please him or that deal with the israeli palestinian conflicts but most disturbingly he started to harass one of the southern lifts journalists. he convinced elderly parents that their son had died and the police broke into his home at four in the morning and the
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father of the journalist had a heart attack four days later. the consequences have been pretty serious. it is quite a serious degree of harassment and more than 2 or 3 media having to deal with this. certainly it's a difficult one when the authorities can't deal with it because he's not on sight and not in france. >> finally you've got an unflattering photo of a famous person. >> christiano ronadlo. he was posing with real madrid and he's on his tip toes on the back of the photo. they have it circled. the thing is he's standing next to someone and they're both pretty tall men. >> is he trying to appear taller? >> i think he is. he's over one meter 80.
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he's well over six feet tall. some people perhaps uncharitably reminding that he used to do the same thing. but he isn't as tall as christiano. in a statesman like context it's more more justified than appearing more taller. it's perhaps a little bit unnecessary. some people saying he should pay more attention to his football and less to his image. >> all right, thank you very much for that. time for a look at the latest business news with our very own kate moody starting with good news for the u.k. economy. >> it's growing at its fastest pace since the end of 2007. the government confirmed that g.d.p. growth of 0.8 came at second quarter.
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it revised upwards its annual rate of tkpwroesdz from 3.1 to 3.2. the service sector that makes up more than 75% of economic activity remained the main driver of growth while the construction sector performed better than expected. the growing concern is the increasing gap between wages and inflation. the bank of england has made it a key factor in its decision about if and when to raise interest rates. now those figures come in stark contrast to the figures. italy and germany flipped back into decline and france stagnated at 0% growth. they remain optimistic that his plan to cut payroll taxes and boost job creation will put the french economy back on track. >> france is the world's fifth biggest economy and intends to
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stay at that level. on the international stage it looks fine there. >> they saw one of their best training days but saw more mixed picture in europe. you see it closing in the green there, still riding high on the economic growth in the u.k. we're seeing mixed trading on wall street as well. the dow lost around 130 points. it has recovered slightly there. >> turning to some of the days other business headlines now. austria's group has bought engineer nan manny ae /* /* it has 83 stores and 17,000
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employees across germany has seen the sales fall and made a net loss of 34 million euros. >> coca-cola has bought a 17% stake in monster beverages. the over $2 billion deal will transfer its business to monster and take over its non energy drinks like hanson's natural soda and peace tea. coke has been under pressure to find new growth. >> and chaquita has rejected a high takeover bid. it offered $611 million for the u.s. based banana giant. it still planned to join forces with the distributor and would create the largest banana supplier. >> now, the games in germany is
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billioned as the largest trade show in the gaming industry. gamers developers and publisher are gathering until sunday to check out what's new in a market that's worth tens of billions of euros. nicolas explains. what's new in video games and a battle ground for two giants, microsoft. >> sony is demonstrating its project here. it's a virtual headset giving gamers a 90 degree field here. >> it's a completely new experience inside a completely new world breaking them off from reality. you're right in the middle. i feel like you're part of the game play. something like this has never existed before. >> sony is celebrating and
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announcing 10 million units sold for the eighth generation console. that's after nine months on the market and the contrast launched last autumn which has sold half that. virtual reality gaming is the top trend among the 650 exhibiters. the people not wanting to bother with the 21st century there is business too and not much admittedly in games. the retro section makes life seem so much simpler. >> finally the u.s. theme park operator sea world said it will build bigger encloseers for its killer whales and $10 million for orca research.
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there are questions about the company's practices in housing orcas. they lost over 35% of their value and $40 million and they say the new
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m pacifica, this is democracy now! >> i grew up here. this is currently my community and my home. therefore, it means a lot to me personally that we break the cycle of violence, lose the tension, and built trust showing the utmost respect of every interaction with every citizen. >> 24 hours ago, ferguson missouri looked like a warzone as police crack down on protests over the shooting


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